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Mobility, independence, driving pleasure. Whether as a reliable family car or for the feeling of freedom, as a sporty convertible or iconic classic car to discover the world or as a beloved status symbol – your own car is much more than just a commodity to be mobile and to transport purchases. And so buying a car also needs to be considered in order to find a good vehicle for a fair price. With over 28,000 vehicle models now, this is not so easy! The situation is different when it comes to financing, because attractive conditions clearly speak for a car loan. Of course, you could also save a lot in advance – or you can simply use the cheap rates and flexible terms of carcredit.

How do I find the right car?

How do I find the right car?

Start with how you want to use the car: how many people have to have space and how much transport space is required? Are you more likely to drive short distances or regularly make long freeway journeys? Would you like to open the sunroof in summer or does your car have to deal with snow, ice and mountains?

The list of optional extras is very long – decide what you actually need. Some are happy with the radio, navigation system and central locking, while others definitely need a towbar and all-wheel drive. The budget often decides how much special equipment the new car will have. New cars are often better equipped, but are also correspondingly more expensive than used cars.

Do I take a new or a used car?

Do I take a new or a used car?

Also consider the higher depreciation of a new car, which can be up to 25% in the first year. You have a manufacturer’s guarantee and the latest technical status. Those who prefer a used car will also find a very large selection with a wide range of equipment options.

So the age of the car is the next important question, as is the horsepower, which determines how powerful your new car is. If you also have a specific color of your choice, it also belongs on the list of your decision criteria, as does the manufacturer, if you also have a certain favorite here.

How much is the vehicle serviced?

How much is the vehicle serviced?

Attention! The monthly maintenance costs are often underestimated. Be sure to include these when you choose a particular vehicle:
The fuel costs are determined by the fuel (diesel or petrol) and consumption. You can find a comparison e.g. B. here.
The vehicle tax is lower for low-emission cars. You can determine the tax beforehand using the vehicle tax calculator on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance.
The type class also decides on the amount of car insurance . Many insurance companies offer a calculator on their website that you can use to determine the premiums.

The Road Traffic Office provides an overview of the fees for the registration of your new vehicle as well as all necessary documents, further information and practical checklists.

Now the final decision is which vehicle type meets your criteria: Should it be an economical small car, an elegant sedan, a spacious station wagon, a van or SUV, a sporty convertible or coupé or an environmentally friendly hybrid? Once you have decided, you can now consider whether to buy your car privately or from a dealer.

Private or dealer – the advantages and disadvantages

Private or dealer - the advantages and disadvantages

While private sellers often offer the cheaper prices, there is no guarantee or warranty here. If defects occur, they are additional costs for you. Therefore, take a specialist with you for a tour and test drive, unless you are one yourself – this increases the chance that you will not experience an expensive surprise. In contrast, dealers are liable for material defects – so you usually have a 12-month guarantee for defects that are not your fault. You can also trade in your old vehicle at dealers, so that you still have scope for the price.

If the car corresponds to your ideas and has also withstood your critical look or that of your brought-in specialist, it goes to the test drive. Test all the driving characteristics of your potential new car!

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